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APRIL 5 - 15


• Whoknowmore.com is a site where you can join online quiz contest to win prizes.

• During a period which is being shown on this page, a member will join online quiz contest automatically.

• 7 highest points scored by a member in seven categories during this period will be summed and every member will have a 'Total Point'.

• i.e., a member got maximum 250 points in History, 290 points in Geography ,220 points in Literature ,350 points in Movies ,300 points in Music ,250 points in AllinOne and 270 points in Sports. This member got a Total Points of 1930 in seven categories.

• The member who achieved the highest Total Point at the end of this period will earn 50$ Amazon gift card.

• The member who achieved the second highest Total Point at the end of this period will earn 25$ Amazon gift card.

• If more than one member achieved the same highest Total Point the winner will be the one who has the highest point in AllinOne ,then in History and at last in Literature categories.

• You can check the players with highest Total points on 'STATS' page.

• The winners will be announced on 'REWARDS' page at the end of the period and an email will be sent to the winners' mailbox.

• Before sending the claim code, you will be asked via email which amazon website(which region) do you shop from.After you reply this email, the claim code will be sent in 3 business day only to the email adress which you used for creating your Whoknowmore.com account.

• If we couldn't buy Amazon E-Gift card from your region due to some restrictions of your region then we'll buy the gift card for you from Amazon.com

• USD will be exchanged for the region's currency based on the daily exchange rate.

Redeem a Gift Card:

1.Go to Your Amazon Account.

2.Click Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.

3.Enter your claim code and click Apply to Your Balance.

Note: You can also enter your claim code during checkout.